ASK is a gathering for families and individuals who are or are considering to unschool, worldschool or homeschool, and individuals who are generally interested in selfdirected learning.

It is an all volunteer event, a space for meeting likeminded individuals, exchanging experiences and knowledge, laugh, dance and sing together.


All meals are included in the price. The food will be vegetarian/vegan.

We are working on a program for the gathering. We foremost want to create a space for meeting, playing and learning, but we also want to give all of you the possibility to share your skills and knowledge with each other.

If you have something you want to contribute with, let us know!



To keep the price low and to create a feeling of community, we need you all to contribute to the daily tasks at the gathering, and the general activities that the event involves. That means we need that those who are able to help, help with cleaning and cooking to some extend. Not only to keep cost down, but also to keep the areas clean, tidy and organized for everyone's comfort. We would also love many of you to contribute with different activities for the program, everything from making pancakes over a bonfire, a networking event or a woodworking class.

More information about the coordination of cooking, cleaning and other contributions will come later.



This far, we are 4 organizers, all mothers who are hard at work nurturing our families and building up an unschooling community here on Bornholm, Denmark. We long to meet more people who have chosen to live through self-directed learning and we dream of our children meeting and connecting with more kindred spirits.

We wish to create a yearly gathering here on Bornholm. We want to start small and with realistic expectations, but in the years to come we hope that ASK will grow into its own shape. We have many dreams and ideas about the gathering. First and foremost we want to create a reoccurring event here on Bornholm for everyone interested in unschooling, worldschooling and/or homeschooling.



All spaces for ASK 2019 are now booked!

We will open a waiting list just in case any changes will happen and spaces should get available after all. In order to do so, please send an e-mail with the number of interested participants from your family to However, please do NOT transfer any participation fees yet (if you want to be put on the waiting list) - that would just create unneccessary work for us if we then have to send the money back. We will then get back to you with a personal e-mail.

Thank you so much for your enourmeous interest and enthusiasm - we are deeply grateful! 💜

We'll keep you updated. And we'll see you in a few months!


To ensure yourself and your family a spot at the gathering, you have to do two things:

Send an email to with the following information:
- your full name, phone number, email-address and the language you and your family members speak

- name and age (per 6th of june 19) for the rest of your family members

- do any of your family members require a special diet or do you have other special needs we should be aware of?

- are you bringing your own tent/camping-wagon? All the rooms at Jarslgård are reserved now, so write us an email if you wish to be put on the waiting list for a room in case one will become available.

All of your information will be deleted after the festival.


Transfer the participant-fee via MobilePay or webbank.

MobilePay: 27810713 Elisabeth Nørresø Haase Kytö...

Reg. nr. 6820 Account nr. 0001555098

For international payments (Remember to choose the options so that you pay the bank-fee) :
IBAN DK6668200001555098


When we have received both your email and your payment, we will write back to you and confirm your spot at the gathering.



Unfortunately a refund is not possible. Instead the tickets can be attempted to be resold to another family.

Jun 06, 2019, 4:00 PM – Jun 09, 2019, 12:00 PM
Baunevej 11,
Baunevej 11, 3720 Aakirkeby, Danmark

The beach, Sømarken. It is located a nice walk from the festival area.

ASK will be held at Jarlsgård at the southern coast of Bornholm. The area is 55.000 square meters with heath grassland and forest. It is located 800 m from this lovely sand beach.


The farm has some sleeping rooms for families who are not sleeping in tents for some reason. It has two toilet/shower rooms, a dining hall, canopies for dining outside as well, a fireplace, free wifi, two activity rooms and a heart starter.


The area is 5,5 hectar large, which is quite huge, so there is plenty of space to roam, take walks, climb tress, get some alone time or play. It is located near forest and beach. The house has nine toilets and nine showers, wifi, a large kitchen and several rooms.






Participants can bring tents or caravans. There is a limited amount of rooms at Jarlsgård, and they are all booked by now.



You can get to Bornholm by ferry or airplane. Tickets to the ferry can be bought at Bornholmslinjen and tickets for the plane can be bought at DAT.


We will continuously update you about ASK on our facebook page and in our facebook group ASK 2019 - a gathering for self-directed learners on Bornholm/Denmark



Can I bring my dog/cat/serpent?

  • Write us an email about it and we will try to find a solution.


What if my children doesn’t speak English, Is all communication in english at the gathering?

  • No, most of the children only speak their native tongue. There will properly be a lot of Danish, Swedish, German and English speaking. And of course, we warmly welcome people of all languages, nationalities and cultures. All written information will be in english.


I’m a single mother with 2 infants, I do not feel like we have a lot to contribute with at the gathering. Are we still welcome?

  • Yes, you are very welcome at the gathering. Every family is unique and we all go through periods where we have more or less to contribute with. For us that is one of the important aspects of creating a community. We hope to see you at ASK!


How about internet?

  • There is free wifi at Jarlsgård


What’s on the menu?

  • The food is included in the price and will be vegan/vegetarian. We will publish the menu when we get closer to the gathering.

Can we come earlier than 16.00 on thursday?

  • Most likely we will get permission to open up a few hours earlier, but we don't know for sure yet.




The political festival “Folkemødet” is held on Bornholm the week after ASK. We warmly recommend anyone interested in how democracy works, danish society and politics in general, to go!

If you wish to attend, be sure to book tickets and accomodation well in advance. More about Folkemødet:

Rejsekortet can not be used for busses on Bornholm, but you can buy tickets at the bus. Look at BAT and Rejseplanen for more information.

For more detailed information look at the bottom of the website.


  • Sleeping arrangements such as tent, caravan or if you are sleeping in one of the rooms inside, then bring your own pillows, blankets and linen.

  • Practical clothing

  • Nice to have: whittling knife, musical instruments for jamming, educational materials for an exchange market (like posters, books, homemade materials for your homeschool, globes, petri dishes, candy-making kits or whatever you have and don’t use anymore), games for outside, bathing suits, hammocks or bicycles.

6th of April 2019




(pay before the 6th of April 2019)

Adults 18+:        600 dkr

12-17 years:        300 dkr

4-11 years:          100 dkr

0-3 years:           Free



Adults 18+:       800 dkr

12-17 years:       300 dkr

4-11 years:         100 dkr

0-3 years:          Free


We highly recommend you to book your tickets for the ferry or flight well in advance, so you can get them cheap.

From/via the rest of Denmark

There are several ways to get to Bornholm from the rest of Denmark. Domestic flights depart from Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg. You can take busses and train from Copenhagen Central Station or Lufthavnen Station via Ystad-Rønne or Køge-Rønne. And of course by car via Ystad or Køge. 

Plane (very fast, most expensive)

You can fly from Aalborg, Billund and Kastrup direct to Rønne. Check plane departures and book tickets at There are multiple departures daily from Copenhagen, one daily flight Thursday and Sunday to/from Billund and Aalborg. The flight from takes approximately 40-60 minutes. 

Via Ystad (quick, cheap and easy, crosses Sweden border)

You can drive over Øresundsbroen to Ystad or you can take the train/bus from Copenhagen Central or Kastrup. You can buy train and ferry ticket at (Type in "København H" and "Rønne Havn"). You´ll have to change trains at Malmö Hyllie or Trianglen. More information about the crossing. The crossing takes 1 hour 20 minutes. In total about 3 hours 15 minutes. Due to recent developments an ID (passport, drivers license or similar) is required when crossing the Denmark/Sweden border. The bus rutes from Copenhagen are rute 866, which has final destination at Ystad and rute 700, where the bus enters on board to ferry continues on the island. 866 are more budget and 700 more comfortable. See and for booking.

Via Køge (often cheapest, slow)

Go by regional train or S-train to Køge Station or travel by car. The ferry terminal is within walking distance from the station. You can check out prices here. It takes approximately 1 hour to get to Køge from Copenhagen Central. The crossing takes 5 hours 30 minutes. The sleeping dorm is fine, so no need to pay extra for a cabin. Just remember to bring your own linen/blanket to the deck.

From Sweden

To get to Bornholm from Sweden you may take a train from Malmö to Ystad and the ferry from Ystad to Bornholm.

Skånetrafiken runs trains from Malmö C to Ystad every 30 minutes. Go to skanetrafiken for details.

The ferry from Ystad to Rønne leaves four-six times per day. Booking the ferry tickets prior to departure can drastically reduce the price. See "Getting from Rønne to the Venue" final step.


From/via Germany or Poland

If you are going to ASK from south you have different options as well.

Sassnitz (Germany)

There is a direct ferry taking cars going from Sassnitz ferry terminal which is 4km away from Sassnitz itself. The company is called Bornholmslinjen.  

Kolobrzeg (Poland)

There is a passenger and bicycle ferry from Kolobrzeg to Nexø.


Getting from Rønne, the airport or Nexø to Jarlsgård

Public transport

The venue is 24 km from Rønne and you can take bus number 8 all the way. It departs from the harbour and passes by the airport as well. After about 45 minutes from Rønne, get off at the stop called Vestre Sømark and walk the rest of the way to Jarlsgård, a distance of just under 500m. If you arrive at Nexø Havn, you can take bus number 7 to Vestre Sømark. It takes about 30 minutes.


Local taxis can also get you here. The company operating on Bornholm is called Dantaxi and the phone number is +4556952301
You can get help from the other participants

Reach out, ask for help and most likely someone will give you a lift.

Photos by: Liron Erel

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